Mortgage lending professional with over 15 years of experience providing world class service

"Success is my duty, obligation, and responsibility"
    - Grant Cardone

Mike is a tireless networker who has developed meaningful business relationships with countless Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals. He strongly feels that cultivating this professional network will make him a valuable resource to his clients.

By working with his Professional Referral Partners, Mike is able to find overlooked opportunities and write tailor fitted Mortgage loans that provide individual attention to all of his clients goals.
Mike is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and all Mortgage options with his clients so that they choose a loan program that is the best fit for them and their financial goals.
By customizing the sales process to be more effective, Mike is able to provide every one of his clients with the best possible service in a timely fashion.
As the Vice President of the Stonehaven Mortgage Team,
Mike's able to provide custom-tailored Mortgage solutions to all of his clients.

Find a Loan Program That Best Fits Your Goals

Mike wieczorek

The Q&A Interview

What is your teams main focus as a professional mortgage lender?
Our focus is to build and foster relationships with our client's through excellent service, communication, program availability and complete transparency in our communications. This way we can ensure that we tailor the mortgage to their specific financial goals, and close quickly and efficiently.

How do you deliver value to your clients?
Our team works closely with our Professional Referral Partners to find overlooked opportunities and customize the sales process to be more effective. We believe that continuously cultivating a strong professional network is what makes us such an invaluable resource to our clients, as well as our partners

What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time when you're not helping people with their home loans?
When I'm not in the office, I'm spending time with the family. My wife Angie and I are actively involved with Safe Humane Chicago and the local dog rescues/ shelters to give back to those without a voice. Above all, I love spending time with my beautiful children; Dylan, Sloan, & Dane!

Mike Wieczorek

Vice President   |   NMLS:   185918
Stonehaven Mortgage   |   NMLS:   901574
c.   630 546 9486   |   f.   630 559 7348     |        

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